Cinzia’s tiramisu

Delicious, moist tiramisu with sponge soaked in coffee and rum, chunks of dark chocolate and creamy marscapone

Last weekend I had an online cookery lesson with Cinzia in Florence booked through Travelling Spoon. Cinzia taught me how to make a delicious ravioli with zucchini and garlic sauce but at the same time she also had me making tiramisu. My kitchen is very small and I struggled at times to find sufficient bowls and surfaces on which to produce both dishes simultaneously but somehow we got through it and the results were amazing. I’m generally more of a savoury than sweet dish sort of person – with the exception of ice cream which doesn’t count! – but this tiramisu with layers of sponge soaked in coffee and rum, chunks of dark chocolate and a rich marscapone cream is one of the most delicious desserts I’ve ever eaten. As with the homemade pasta I will definately be making it again. This recipe makes six generous portions.


1 pack of ladyfinger or trifle sponge fingers 
4 eggs
300g marscapone cheese
4tbsp caster sugar
200g (or a small carton) of double or whipping cream
130g dark chocolate
1 cup of coffee, strong brewed and cold
2tbsp rum or other liquor
Ingredients for Cinzia’s tiramisu – although I could have done with a larger cup of coffee!


First, seperate the eggs. Beat the yolks in a large bowl with the sugar until light and creamy. Add the marscapone cheese and mix together. In a seperate bowl beat the egg whites until firm and peaky. Whip the cream until thick. Gently fold the egg whites and cream into the mascapone mixure.

Next chop the dark chocolate. I was worried that mine wasn’t fine enough but actually the largers chunks really add to the texture and flavour of the dish.

Mix the cold coffee and liquor together. I had a small bottle of delicious rose flavoured rum that my son had brought back for me from a trip to Barcelona which really added something special. If you don’t drink alcohol you can just leave this out. Place the sponge fingers in six shallow bowls and spoon over the coffee and rum mix. If you don’t have small bowls then you can just make the tiramisu in a large dish – try not to eat it all in one go! Then layer on the mascapone mix and chocolate crumbs, repeating until you have used up all the ingredients and finishing with a sprinkle of chocolate.

Cover each dish and place in a fridge for a minimum of 2 hours to give the sponge time to absorb all the delicious flavours of the coffee, rum and cream. Enjoy!

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