A selection of my favourite recipes mostly, but not exclusively, originating in Italy where I now live. With an increasing focus on ingredients foraged from the Italian countryside!

Elderflower cordial – A refreshing elderflower cordial made with the creamy heads of the elderflower steeped in water, sugar and lemon

Wild garlic pesto – As with all recipes involving foraged ingredients, there is something very satisfying about turning a few leaves collected on a woodland walk into a delicious vegetarian dish

Pizza ortolana con pesto – Two months into the Italian lockdown my need for pizza has taken over so this is my take on the ortolana, which in Italian means “from the vegetable patch”, with added pesto for extra flavour

Cinzia’s tiramisu – this tiramisu with layers of sponge soaked in coffee and rum, chunks of dark chocolate and a rich marscapone cream is one of the most delicious desserts I’ve ever eaten.

Ravioli with zucchini and garlic sauce – Although I live in Italy and have eaten (and loved) Italian food almost all my adult life, I’ve never actually tried to make my own pasta. Today I put that right with thanks to an online cooking lesson with Cinzia in Florence…

Lockdown cauliflower cake – This is somewhere between a savory cake and a quiche made with both eggs and flour, great for quick and easy (bread free) weekday lunches

Cauliflower, leek and Gorgonzola cheese – more comfort food in these COVID-19 lockdown days…

Polenta with pumpkin, mushrooms and sage – a comforting dish made with fresh sage which has anti microbial properties, builds immunity and helps keeps viruses at bay

Roasted pumpkin, coconut and ginger soup – a Thai-inspired winter warmer made with locally grown organic pumpkin, perfect for a wet and windy day

Tagliatelle con trota e ricotta – a simple and quick pasta dish made with smoked trout sourced from a nature reserve in Piedmont

Torta de mela – a delicious, moist Italian apple cake made with organic apples grown on the sloping hills of Piedmont