About me

I’ve spent nearly 30 years of my life as a researcher and writer, most recently leading one of the world’s largest migration research projects. My work has brought me into contact with thousands of travellers around the globe… people who have chosen to leave their own countries to live elsewhere, people who haven’t, and others in between.

I love travelling to new places, meeting new people and seeing beautiful things but what excites and interests me more than anything else is food…food being grown, food being sold, exchanged and traded, food being chopped, steamed, boiled and roasted and of course, food being eaten!

Cooking has always been a passion and as a mother and, more recently, a grandmother I’ve had plenty of opportunity to practice. My (now grown up) children would probably say my signature dish is my lasagne but I love cooking all things Italian, especially if it involves fruit and vegetables grown on our small homestead in Northern Italy, as well as dishes more commonly eaten in other parts of the world particularly Mexico, India and the Lebanon. I will eat meat if there is no alternative (or if refusing to do so would offend, irritate or upset others) and have raised and slaughtered my own pigs, but I find intensive farming methods intolerable so generally stick to a plant-based diet and fish. This is reflected in the content of my website, blog and other social media.

I’m always keen to meet fellow travellers with the same loves in life so please feel free to connect if you think we might journey together!